H!GHEND – Colours and screen

H!GHEND colour formatting allows for instant differentiation and easy customisation with coloured shells for all brands.

A maximum of 6 spot colours can be used in one run. H!GHEND uses CMYK with two spot colours in a six-colour sequence.

For main pack enhancement and brand reinforcement, H!GHEND colour offers advanced full-shell printing in solid or transparent colours – matching brand standards.

The spot colour reference is Pantone.

Across the new range, customers can now opt for H!GHEND colour, which can perfectly match specific colour branding.

NOTE: The inclusion of white in if white is required in partial elements of the design or as full coverage white base layer to achieve opaque colours, then additional charges will apply due to the substrate of a pre-print of white before the full colour print.

  • Printing on side walls is possible
  • Random tab orientation
  • Upgrading possible with coloured, punched, laser and/or coded tabs
  • Full shell printing in one colour (solid or transparent)
  • Colours: Existing Ardagh coloured shell range or customised

We cannot orient printing, so do not use images to be read in one direction.

Screenwork can be used on H!GHEND designs.

Guidelines are as follows:

When printing white, two layers are used for optimal colour coverage
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