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Ardagh’s packaging has a central role to play in helping our customers meet their sustainability objectives and commitments. Therefore, we have a strong team of dedicated health and safety and sustainability functions across the globe to continually improve our safety track record, reduce energy and water consumption and divert more waste to beneficial reuse. They actively set up and support local recycling activities, and help you with facts and figures.

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Advantages of beverage cans

Beverage cans are made of metal which is fully and infinitely recyclable without loss of quality.

Beverage cans are absolutely light-proof, protecting the quality of light-sensitive beverages.

Hermetic seal
Being absolutely airtight, beverage cans keep oxygen out and carbonation in, allowing beverages to stay fresh for longer.

Beverage cans are ideal for large events; they have a low risk of leaking or tearing during transportation.

Cans can be stacked to make maximum use of storage.

The wall of today’s beverage can is as thin as a human hair. Thanks to ongoing research and development, it is now possible to manufacture cans with far less material than before. Light and convenient, beverage cans are great for refreshment on the go.

Beverage cans chill quickly and feel extra fresh to the touch. The characteristic sound of a can opening is a unique indicator that the drink inside is absolutely fresh.

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