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Ardagh Metal Packaging in Brazil

Ardagh Metal Packaging is one of the leaders in the production and sale of aluminum beverage packaging, with three production facilities in Brazil. We offer the latest innovations in areas such as decoration, label graphics, final design and much more.

Aluminum beverage packaging offers unlimited versatility and design opportunities – it is shatterproof, waterproof, and its tamper-proof qualities ensure true packaging security.

A can ensures the beverage is also protected from sunlight, providing impeccable protection to the ingredients and ensuring the flavour remains unchanged.

The unique and proven protective qualities of the metal product are excellent. Aluminum is infinitely recyclable, serving as a model of environmental excellence and the circular economy.

Metal beverage cans

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Metal is a permanent material meaning it recycles forever and has excellent environmental credentials. When metal products reach the end of their useful life, the materials are simply collected and recycled, again and again, with no loss of their inherent properties and so will always be available for future generations.

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