The future of packaging

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, from development and design to raw material reduction and energy efficiency. Ardagh Metal Packaging is committed to pioneering new technologies and manufacturing processes. Together with significant investment in research and development, this is how we maintain our leading global position.

Our investment in R&D is delivering results, particularly for our customers. Our experience and expertise allows us to continually explore exciting possibilities in design, shapes and textures. This has led to the creation of new consumer experiences and achieved high acclaim for our customers’ brands.

Creative thinking agenda

Our innovation programme harnesses the power of cross-functional teams from our key regions and business functions. This involves a collaborative effort across regional design centres, central technical services, teams from operational excellence and quality, core innovation and R&D.

Our focus is to be reactive as well as proactive and drive an innovation agenda across new product applications, process and sustainability improvements. The result is creative thinking throughout the organisation, from design to delivery, so each integral part of the business feels the benefit and our customers reap the rewards.

Ensuring effective and efficient operations

We continue to succeed in process innovation by focusing closely on the following areas: new market solutions, product optimisation such as lightweighting, and by instilling a culture of continuous improvement and operational excellence.

Our aim is always to create efficiencies, as part of our own production processes and those of our customers. ​

We continue to refine metal packaging production methods in order to down-gauge the material, making it thinner & lighter &, therefore, using less raw materials.

Global recognition across our business

Our ongoing commitment to innovation has provided global recognition for Ardagh, our customers and their products. We have won more than 100 international awards, granted over 50 worldwide patents and over 100 intellectual property rights.

This recognition ranges from product innovation and design to process innovation involving raw material reduction, energy saving initiatives and operational excellence across our facilities worldwide.

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