Graphic Guideline FAQ

What are the enhancements available for the ends?

You can find more information about the shells and tabs in our Product Brochure 2024.

Can you send me some representative sample ends?

You can order samples of our different shells/tab directly via our sample store.

Can we print in CMYK on beverage cans?

Unfortunately, CMYK is not possible and we require a spot colour solution. Therefore, images must be converted into appropriate spot colour channels with a maximum of 2 colours overprinting. If you need a guide to convert your CMYK image, please get in contact to your responsible Ardagh Graphics Studio.

Can you send me some representative sample cans?

You can order samples of our different products directly via our sample store.

What is the recommended file format for my artwork ?

All artworks should be either illustrator or PDF files with outlined fonts.

How many colours are allowed printing on cans?

In this printing process it is possible to use up to 8 inker stations including white. We recommend developing all artworks with 6 colours to allow for Relief Plates, Screen Plates that may be necessary.

Does Ardagh print deposit cans for the German Market?

The German Deposit System is centrally organised by the “Deutsche Pfandsystem GmbH” DPG. Ardagh Metal Beverage is a Certified Producer of DPG Deposit cans. You will find more information in the section Guidelines/Barcodes/DPG logo.

How can I promote the sustainability of the beverage cans?

Beverage cans are made of metal which is fully and infinitely recycle without loss of quality. Have a look at the sustainability report for details on our management systems and our long-term targets. The Metal Recycles Forever logo is available for printing on the Ardagh cans. All information is here on how to register and guideline.

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