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Metal beverage packaging in Europe – Cans and ends

Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe is at the forefront of metal beverage can packaging, with 12 production facilities across the region. We offer the latest innovations across areas such as lightweighting, decoration, graphics, can and end design, can shaping and more.

Metal beverage packaging offers versatility and unlimited design opportunities. Metal beverage cans are unbreakable and impermeable, and their tamper-proof qualities deliver true package safety. Metal beverage cans also protect against sunlight, providing impeccable ingredient protection while assuring desired taste profiles. Metal offers unique and proven product protection qualities that are outstanding. We are proud to manufacture metal beverage cans that are infinitely recyclable and serve as a model for environmental excellence and a circular economy.

AMP – Europe provides a wide range of beverage cans and ends in many shapes and sizes to high-volume segments of the drinks market including beers, flavoured alcoholic beverages (FABs), wine, water, soft drinks, energy drinks and tea. Our metal beverage cans are available in standard, sleek and slim ranges. We also cater for speciality sizes.

Our available beverage can range is:


Size: 330ml 375ml 440ml 470ml 500ml 530ml 550ml 568ml


Size: 150ml 187ml 200ml 250ml


Size: 250ml 330ml 355ml
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Can packaging on the rise on Europe

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Carbonated and flavoured waters are successfully growing in cans; still waters are discovering the potential of this pack, too.

The progression of current filling technology together with our know-how makes it feasible to pack this vital drink and keep it fresh and safe.

The beverage can as a versatile packaging format enables fresh and convenient hydration in any occasion or moment. At the office, at the gym or at an outdoor festival.

Water cans market is growing fast: 9% CAGR (2019-2023)
Source: Euromonitor

From grape to can:

This trendy combination has not only a high growth rate but is also widely accepted amongst consumers thanks to Ardagh‘s wine-safe solution from grape to can. Single served canned wine is especially popular among millennials because it is convenient and portable, meaning that wine can manufacture services are increasingly required.

Our specifications and technical wine can supplier know-how provide you with the best wine packaging and service solutions.

Ardagh’s unique Wine Can standards guarantee safety and quality of your wines and wine based drinks.

Next to our special Wine Can specifications:

  • We test each wine for compatibility prior to filling in our own designated laboratory
  • We support on wine and filling parameters, both for epoxy and BPANI internal coatings
  • We support you getting started with your own filler or qualified wine in can fillers

Watch our video clip “Innovation in Tradition” on YouTube and download our Wine Can brochure here.

If you would like to participate in our Wine in Cans webinar or have any questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Did you know? The worldwide wine in can market is estimated at 440 million cans by 2024. Canned wine consumption continues to grow worldwide at 10.4% compound annual growth rate 2020-2024 (source: Euromonitor), meaning that we are uniquely positioned to offer wine can manufacture, across the US.

Cold brew coffee is a worldwide trend and sensitive beverages require special cans, filling and processing. Ardagh‘s competence is well-known in the market and highly valued by our barista customers, ensuring that we remain at the forefront of coffee can manufacture and supply.

Our nitro coffee cans allow consumers to indulge in the quality, taste and texture of cold brew coffee at home. Our extensive product range of coffee cans and ends, including multiple sizes and decoration techniques, enables us to produce canned coffee with our customers’ branding at the centre of their experience.

Canned coffee is a growing trend: 6% CAGR (2019-2023)
Source: Euromonitor

Milk-based drinks and their plant-based alternatives are an increasingly exciting option for modern consumers of all ages looking for healthy beverages.

Drive market growth

The beverage can answers consumer demands for convenience and sustainability, offering a unique opportunity to shake up your packaging portfolio for dairy and non-dairy beverage brands to connect with new target groups and drive market growth. With over 30 years of experience in can design, filling and processing for dairy, Ardagh offers a range of beverage cans that guarantees product quality.

The sustainable option

The can is a sustainable and safe packaging solution for milk-based drinks and their plant-based alternatives. Its protective qualities – impermeable to light and oxygen, unbreakable, and tamper-proof – preserve beverages without the need for cold chain refrigeration and increase shelf-life. Being stackable, light, and 100% recyclable, beverage cans bring an additional appeal to environmentally conscious consumers.

Reignite consumer excitement

Not only is the beverage can safe, efficient and sustainable, its customisable format is an opportunity to revitalise the market for milk and plant-based drinks. As just one example, Ardagh’s award-winning Nitro can is already bringing a new level of excitement to the experience of cold-brew beverages, both dairy and plant-based.

Ardagh’s expertise

Ardagh’s can specifications and beverage packaging expertise is recognised by industry leaders. Our experienced Customer Technical Service supports your project from concept to commercial production: From test filling at our cutting-edge R&D centre in Bonn to our laboratory for exhaustive testing of materials, shelf-life, compatibility, filling quality, and specific analysis to support at commercial fillings, both at the co-packer of your choice or at your own filling line.

From hop to can

Beverage cans provide excellent packaging for craft beer. It protects delicate ingredients such as aromatic hops and spices against light and oxygen, thus fully preserving the beer’s signature taste.

AMP is a leading global craft beer can manufacturer, providing comprehensive services through our network of distributors, from warehousing to flexible deliveries, decoration or filling, technical advice and quality. That means that you can concentrate on creating outstanding craft beer while our partners and us make sure your consumers receive outstanding custom beverage can packaging to experience your products.

We manufacture nitro beer cans for our large supplier network across Europe, enabling beer to taste fresh and crisp. Ardagh has extensive product experience with nitro beverages and supports the integration of this sustainable technology into the filling process to both established players and start-ups looking to tap into this trending market.

RTD (Ready To Drink) cocktails in cans are the revolution in refreshment. By marrying the art of mixology with the practicality of cans, we’ve elevated your cocktail experience.

Cocktails in cans bring the best of both worlds: convenience and sophistication. The can preserves the exquisite flavours and makes it easy to enjoy your favourite cocktails fresh anywhere and whenever you desire.

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Dear customer, how can we help you?

Innovation is at the heart of everything we do, from design and development to raw material reduction and energy efficiency. We are committed to pioneering new packaging products and manufacturing processes. Together with significant investment in research and development, this is how we maintain our leading global position.

We continue to succeed in innovation by focusing closely on three areas: new market solutions, product optimisation such as lightweighting, and operational excellence.

Our aim is to deliver industry-leading product and process innovation for our customers.

Our quality objective is to have processes to target zero-defects across the organisation in order to deliver fit for purpose, interchangeable cans and ends to customer filling lines and to ensure a safe performance towards the final consumer.

Our technical centre translates visions into products. An international team of highly qualified employees, including physicists, chemists, engineers, food and drink technologists and metallurgists, work constantly to improve Ardagh’s beverage cans in terms of appearance, functionality and the environmental footprint.

In the state-of-the-art laboratory, a wide range of sophisticated test and analysis methods have been developed, including a complex beverage compatibility test that can provide reliable information on the expected shelf life of new beverages in only a few weeks.

You can use their pilot can filler to simulate production conditions as realistically as possible, fill sample goods and test product behaviour.

Here we provide customers with detailed technical information via our digital Customer Information Manual. To open the manual in your language, please click the appropriate link. You will be asked to enter your user ID and password as a customer of Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe on the next page.

Customer Information Manual
Available languages: EN.

If you are a customer of Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe and you do not have a user ID and password for the Information Manual yet, please register here.

Recan is a packaging recovery organisation in Poland owned by the Ardagh Group. The organisation works currently with five recycling centres across the country, collecting approx. 12,000 tons of used beverage cans (UBC) per year. The key target of Recan is to keep the beverage can recycling rate on a maximum level as well as ensuring a closed material loop.

Being one of the leading UBC organisations in Poland, Recan considerably influences the annual growth of beverage can recycling, demonstrating compatibility with the legal requirements and social expectations.

Since the start of Recan in 2002, recycling rates of aluminium beverage cans increased from 41% (2002) to 80% (2015) in Poland.

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