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Ardagh Metal Beverage is committed to deliver the most convenient and reliable graphics process in the beverage can industry.

This online graphics portal has been developed for our customers, agencies and designers to help provide important insights into the creation of beverage can artwork and understanding of the beverage can printing process.

In this portal you will find our guidelines as well as master templates of all can sizes. Our local graphics teams have created a FAQ section with the most common questions and the answers to them.

We hope this helps. Please contact us if you need any support!

Our process


Our team of repro technicians will create a print ready reprographic file of the artwork, which will ensure that the artwork can be printed using our dry offset printing process.

Where Repro files are supplied by external repro agencies, they must fully comply with Ardagh print specifications.

Colour Matching

Any new inks will be matched to an agreed colour target by our in-house ink matching technicians who will prepare ink rollouts to submit for colour approval.

We utilise PantoneLive™ inks.

Quality Control

All Repro files and ink rollouts will be checked by our Graphics teams before releasing for approval.

Offline Proof Can Samples

Customers can request that Ardagh produce offline proof can samples which simulate the production can.

Ardagh recommend offline proofing of new designs prior to production to ensure that the print and colours are satisfactory.

Customer Attendance

It is possible for customers to attend the offline proofing session.

Virtual proofing is also available, when images of the proof cans can be shared via email or WhatsApp for convenience (subject to availability).

Proof Cans Versus Production Cans

Offline proof cans can vary slightly compared to production cans due to the different line speed and conditions.

Production cans will be matched to ink rollouts or existing colour standards where applicable and Offline Proof cans used as guidance.

Customer Approval

Once checked, our Graphics team will release the print ready repro file and ink rollouts for approval.

Ink rollouts will need to be sent to the customer address via courier.

Ardagh Graphics Center (AGC)

Ardagh Graphics Center (AGC) is our online graphics management system where customers can be given access to review and approve the print ready repro files and ink rollouts for added convenience.

Final Approval

Following approval of the print ready repro file and ink rollouts, the design can be finalised and released to plate making to be ready for production.

Production Planning

Following receipt of the production order or ATM (Authority to Manufacture), our planning team will schedule the production run.

The time and date of production will be communicated to the customer where virtual or physical attendance was requested.


The cans are produced according to the approved print files and inks.

Nominal Colour Standards (NCS) are created for every new or amended Graphic and submitted to the customer for final approval. The NCS will then be used for any future repeat productions.

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