Moonlight can illuminates branding for naka CBD waters

Published May 3, 2023

French beverage start-up naka are launching their new all-natural CBD water, naka moonlight, in a gorgeously decorated can that doubles their product offering and reinforces their unmistakable look. The enchanting naka moonlight can joins their original edition, naka sunset, and expands a distinctive graphic universe dreamed up by acclaimed illustrator Jason Lyon, brought to life through naka’s close collaboration with the French graphics team at Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP) and finished with AMP’s Premium Print solution. With the launch of the new flavour, naka’s fabulous floating jellyfish is now the focal point on two cans, cementing the brand’s identity across its packaging.

UK-based Chinese artist Jason Lyon gives elements of nature an edgy, modern and surrealist twist. His intricate jellyfish design combined with multiple vivid colours and a ‘night-sky’ background for the naka moonlight variant creates a spacey, sophisticated feel: an invitation to enjoy a moment of serenity and peace that reflects the product inside.

Named for a Japanese concept that signifies internality and ‘centering’, naka offers consumers a relaxing alternative to alcoholic drinks at apéritif time and through the evening. It is the brainchild of Yan Decock and Lorène Tanchou, for whom the 2020 lockdown prompted deep questioning of their relentless routines in Paris and Lyon. They set off on a mission to redefine wellness, creating an innovative drink with 30mg equivalent CBD content per can. In the context of rising trends for ‘NOLO’ (no-alcohol or low-alcohol) and functional beverages, low-carb and low-sugar naka moonlight offers a refreshing and soothing experience, with herbaceous and fruity notes enhanced with the flavour of organic pear.

The Premium Print finish from AMP allows for optimal rendering and display of naka’s eye-catching brand identity on their cans. With Premium Print’s dry-offset capabilities, solid colours, half-tones, transitions and text readability are all fully controlled, to maximise the impact of the design’s crisp, delicate lines and ombré effects. Gerlof Toenhake, Director Regional Sales at Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe, said: ‘The first naka can was already a head-turner – a great example of what can be done when a customer’s fantastic creative ideas meet the dedicated technical expertise of our local graphics teams, who are based all over Europe. The new naka moonlight can is another triumph, pairing beautifully with the original and boosting the overall branding for naka.’

Lorène Tanchou, naka co-founder commented: ‘Working closely with AMP’s graphics team in La Ciotat helped us ensure the perfect look once again for our second product. From the initial colour selection, to approving the proof cans and taking it to final high-speed production, all the steps went smoothly and meant we could achieve a timely market introduction for naka moonlight.’

The attractive, contemporary-looking 250ml slim aluminium can was an obvious format for naka CBD waters, emphasising the verticality of the design as well as offering a 360-degree surface for the dreamy graphics. It is filled by expert can filler Cacolac, a family-owned entrepreneurial company based near Bordeaux. Lightweight, safe, infinitely recyclable metal beverage cans are optimal for transportation, in-store storage, and point-of-sale refrigeration, and also perfectly fit home deliveries, making naka’s online shop a natural choice to extend their distribution.

The two naka cans are available across France in major supermarkets and groceries such as Monoprix, Casino and Franprix, as well as specialist channels like La Grande Épicerie de Paris. With ambitions to become a category leader in the emerging CBD drinks sector, naka will be targeting exports as the next distribution frontier.

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