Introducing H!GHEND: A new high for creative can-end branding

Published January 18, 2022

Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe is delighted to launch H!GHEND: a transformative new addition to its cutting-edge customisation range which offers customers fantastic brand-enhancing creative opportunities. The H!GHEND innovation series adds extra value to the can end, making this area of the pack a newly valuable player in overall branding. The incredibly versatile technology allows high quality decoration in CMYK colours on the entire shell surface, meaning brands can highlight, customise and differentiate their cans with maximum visual impact.

Across the new range, customers can now opt for H!GHEND colour, which can perfectly match specific colour branding; they can explore H!GHEND image, opening up a world of graphics possibilities; and they can use H!GHEND pro to differentiate special editions or collectables. With customisation starting from small runs, the H!GHEND series is flexible to brands’ changing needs.

For main pack enhancement and brand reinforcement, H!GHEND colour offers advanced full-shell printing in solid or transparent colour – matching brand standards. Whether left pure and simple or upgraded with a coloured or special tab, the can end with H!GHEND colour highlights colour-based branding at every sip.

H!GHEND image brings eye-catching HD printed design to the top of the can, enabling at-a-glance brand differentiation through graphics. H!GHEND image covers 100% of the shell, integrating it seamlessly with the can body design. Even the side wall of the shell can now be printed with text or images, with controlled distortion for crisp, clear words and logos. Using text, graphics or both, customers can use H!GHEND image to maximise communication areas – for example to reinforce product flavours, remind consumers of health benefits or encourage recycling.

The extraordinary versatility of H!GHEND makes it ideal for promotional packs and special editions as well as main packs. Customers seeking to take promotions to the next level can opt for H!GHEND pro and create novel, original and customised campaigns, with all the advantages of H!GHEND image but available in up to 200 different designs per batch. Multiple designs within a single impactful idea result in a highly differentiated collectable series of cans. H!GHEND pro is a new dimension for promotions; a high-impact response to the ongoing trend of mass customisation.

Dirk Schwung, Sales Director at Ardagh Metal Packaging – Europe, says: ‘H!GHEND is an extraordinarily exciting addition to our range of value-adding innovative enhancements. It’s a cost-efficient and highly targeted print process, yet it holds vast creative potential for our customers. Our expert Graphics teams are available to advise and work with customers on using H!GHEND to enhance their brands with the biggest possible impact.’

H!GHEND is available in end diameter 202. A sample box featuring different examples of the use of H!GHEND is available for Ardagh customers on request. A range of samples will be available from the end of January 2022 in Ardagh’s sample store.

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