Slim Wine Can for The Long Little Dog

Published March 9, 2020

The small and perfectly-formed 187ml Ardagh wine can arrives on the market this quarter with Boutinot’s trio of The Long Little Dog wines.

The newest addition to Ardagh’s pioneering Wine Can range was the natural choice for Boutinot when looking for a portable, single-serve pack for The Long Little Dog wines, previously only available in bottles. The can’s unique characteristics were designed by Ardagh specifically to protect and promote wine and wine-based drinks, while the new 187ml format – a quarter of a standard bottle – expands the market for Boutinot’s wines to a growing number of consumers looking to enjoy a drink on-the-go.

The range of three wine cans for The Long Little Dog are charmingly illustrated with a dachshund whose body extends all the way round the can and finishes in a wagging tail. The ‘long little dog’ wears a coat whose three different patterns and colours differentiate the white, red and rosé.

The appealing branding reflects the easy-drinking nature of the wines and will particularly attract those younger and outgoing consumers for whom portability and ease of recycling are important. This demographic appreciates the chance to try new wine varieties without committing to a full bottle, and the 187ml can is the ideal material and size for casual dining and socialising, particularly with friends at picnics and outdoor events.

Sean Tennyson, Product Manager at Boutinot Wines in the UK, says: “Adopting this convenient, sustainable, smaller Wine Can means more customers will be able to enjoy the three great wines under our The Long Little Dog label – and we know we can trust Ardagh Wine Cans to protect the quality of the wines we’re so proud of.”

Both the can end and body feature unique specifications to protect product quality throughout the filling, transportation and storage lifespan, meaning the safety and flavour of the wine is guaranteed from canning to consumption.

Ardagh has worked once again with specialist wine and fruit beverage handler EB-Secco as its filling partner for The Long Little Dog. Carlo Bermes, EB-Secco’s CEO, says: “We’re pleased to be the first to fill Ardagh’s novel 187ml can for our customer Boutinot. It’s always gratifying to be part of innovation that reaches into growing beverage markets.” Euromonitor estimates that the global wine-in-can market will reach 366 million units by 2022.

The cans are available for distribution into the on- and off-trade throughout Europe, including the UK, and in the USA. Until now, European wines have largely been available only in bottles, boxes or multipack cans in the US, so the single 187ml can makes the US market newly accessible to European wine producers.

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