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Recan Metal Recycling Sp. z o.o (previously Recan Packaging Recovery Organization S.A) is located in Poland and owned by Ardagh Group. The company operates four recycling centres collecting used beverage cans (UBC) for the purposes of recycling. Recan’s goal is to maximise the beverage can recycling rate ensuring a circular economy. Beverage cans are infinitely recyclable in a closed loop without any loss of quality.


As one of Poland’s leading UBC organisations, Recan has a major influence on Poland’s annual beverage can recycle rate. Since its foundation in 2002, Poland’s recycling rates for beverage cans has risen to 80%, compared to the average European rate* of 70% (*Interpack).

To promote recycling awareness in Poland, Recan supports and participates in programmes coordinated with the Recal Foundation which promotes the recycling of beverage cans.


Head office
Recan Metal Recycling Sp. z o.o.
Ul. Mariensztat 8
00-302 Warsaw
Tel: +48 22 290-59-10
e-mail: recan@ardaghgroup.com

Center 1
Lublin UBC center
Ul. Makowa 6 A
20-442 Lublin
Tel: +48 507-067-589

Center 2
Radomsko UBC center
Ul. Krasickiego 164
97-500 Radomsko
Tel: +48 509-978-133

Center 3
Nasielsk UBC center
Ul. Sikorskiego 14
05-191 Pieścirogi
Tel: +48 513-098-844

Center 4
Września UBC center
Ul. Brzozowa 3
62-300 Września
Tel: +48 505-832-387

Recan Metal Recycling sp z o.o. (formerly Recan Organizacja Odzysku Opakowań S.A.) registered in the District Court of Warsaw city

XII Commercial Division of the National Court Register NO KRS: 0001069376, VAT No: PL 527 23 64 552, REGON: 017426177, BDO: 000001722.

Share capital 5 000 000 PLN; Capital paid: 5 000 000 PLN.

Corporate documentation

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