Distinction by decoration

Ardagh Group has perfected many decoration techniques that can add distinction to your brand. We offer particular expertise in pre-distortion printing for shaped cans, as well as high quality print capabilities for standard metal formats. Full color printing using the most up to date processes provides the capabilities for us to offer special decorative effects including ‘glow in the dark’, metallic effects and tactile finishes.

The Group’s in-house graphic centers provide a multitude of decorative techniques, including Offset printing and Flexidec™. Unique to Ardagh, Flexidec™ removes complexity and cost, whilst reducing time to market. This technique is ideal for low volume, high value niche markets.

Adding versatility and distinction to brands

The versatility of metal as a packaging material is often its most surprising quality. It can be fashioned impressively into packaging such as blow-shaped cans, fluted bowls and debossed aerosols. Metal packaging also provides an excellent printing surface, so it’s easy to decorate with high quality graphics and high definition imagery.

From freestyle shaping to embossing, debossing and beading, the flexibility of metal means a world of possibilities. Using innovative techniques and adding aesthetic design features creates unrivalled shelf appeal and adds value to a brand.

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