The future of metal packaging

At Ardagh, we’re creating the future of packaging. We offer technology, expertise, innovation, a vast geographical spread and full end-to-end supply chain service. An example of this innovation is our highly acclaimed ‘next generation food can’; a packaging solution based on 10 years of research and development. Using nitrogen-dosing techniques, the can walls are 43% thinner, giving an overall material saving of 15% versus a standard industry food can.

We also offer a variety of opening solutions such as Easy Open®, Easy Peel® and OptiLift®. OptiLift® is an inventive can opening solution using a finger-well beneath the tab for easy opening. The key to the innovation is the flex panel; convex during the seaming process, it achieves automatic concavity after sterilization, without the need for mechanical manipulation. OptiLift® has a common lid and tab design and it also offers a material savings of 15%.

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