​Canetta living wines: four colours of excitement

Published August 3, 2023

With a clever eye for some of the hottest trends in the beverage sector, pioneering French start-up Canetta is adding a cutting-edge ‘fourth colour’, orange wine, to its range of wines – and packing the whole lot exclusively in the trailblazing 187ml Wine Can from Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP).

Orange wine is made from white grapes left on the skins for longer to increase complexity of taste and depth of colour. Canetta’s exclusive orange wine release is a Cartoixa de Marina, macerated for five days to achieve an alluring dark-honey colour and a sophisticated flavour with notes of red berries, garrigue and pink pepper. Founded by wine-and-food experts David Migueres and Luca Pronzato with a mission to uncover exciting, authentic and alternative wines, Canetta has picked the 187ml can as a deliberate ‘discovery format’: this quarter-bottle size invites newcomers to try orange wine for the first time, as well as offering a convenient option for anyone seeking to drink well, in moderation.

Excitement over orange wine has been growing steadily over recent years, particularly among younger drinkers. In an April 2023 study by French pollsters Viavoice, 69% of orange wine drinkers were under 35, with apéritif the most popular drinking occasion for the new kid on the scene. Younger drinkers also tend to be open to non-traditional packaging formats for wine, and enjoy adventurous beverages in casual and outdoor settings and on-the-go. Light, convenient, fast-chilling single-serve cans are, then, the ideal match for Canetta’s daring wines.

Gerlof Toenhake, Director Regional Sales at Ardagh Metal Packaging-Europe, said: ‘Seeing Canetta add this fascinating orange wine to their red, white and rosé, to offer four colours of wine in cans, is really gratifying. AMP’s Wine Can is designed specifically for wine to protect flavour and aroma, and preserves appearance for serving in a glass, so orange wine will look as stunning as it should.’

The Canetta cans are filled by Los Bucaneros, who run canning operations in France and Iberia. Starting out as mobile craft beer canning specialists, Los Bucaneros have fast become recognised as experts in packing sensitive and precious products, like wine, in small and medium batches. Superbly mobile and versatile, Los Bucaneros enable any winemaker, cooperative or merchant to fill in cans, explore the market, meet changing consumer demand, expand their reach to a younger generation and foster new consumption occasions.

With unit growth of 14.9% in 2022, the wine can is the fastest-growing wine packaging format (GlobalData). Consumer appreciation of its safety, convenience and sustainability continues to increase, while its flexible sizing and filling versatility lets winemakers around the world develop additional sales volume and marketing channels. Moreover, the design and decoration possibilities of the can are unlimited, from can end to full body walls. This creative scope invites wine companies to think beyond simply ‘packing’ and instead turn their products into powerfully compelling objects – as demonstrated by Canetta’s delightfully attractive retro aesthetic, which encompasses vibrant shades of yellows, oranges and reds to reflect the living wines inside.

Canetta is focusing on e-commerce as an addition to traditional distribution channels, and the whole range including its orange wine is available at www.canetta.net.

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