Ardagh Metal Packaging Releases First Green Bond Report

Published June 29, 2022

Ardagh Metal Packaging S.A. (AMP) today published its first Green Bond Report, providing an update on the allocation of the use of net proceeds from its inaugural Green Bond issued March 2021 for $2.8bn.

AMP’s first Green Bond has played a key role in its sustainability achievements with numerous eligible green projects advancing AMP’s sustainability strategy and that of its customers. Projects that received funding from the Green Bond include energy efficiency, waste and water management and the procurement of recycled aluminum.

“Green Bond issuance enables AMP to maximize the company’s sustainable impact supported by the inherent sustainable characteristics of the aluminum beverage can,” said Oliver Graham, Chief Executive Officer AMP. “By aligning our financial strategy with our sustainability goals and targets we strengthen our position for sustainability excellence.”

AMP’s Green Bond Report includes an assurance report provided by an independent third-party on the allocation of the Green Financing Instrument proceeds to eligible projects. AMP’s Green Bond Report is available here.

For more information regarding AMP’s sustainability initiatives, please click here.

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